Orderwire provides private system voice and data maintenance communications network that works on a Party-Line concept utilizing a portion of system spectrum not normally available for revenue traffic. By employing four-wire circuit devices, the orderwire allows multiple-party conferencing without the need for special conference devices. Orderwire networks can interface the Public Switch Telephone Network via off-net circuits to bring communications workers directly in contact with other maintenance personnel not on the orderwire system. The Orderwire looks like an ordinary telephone and can be connected to a normal communications channel or a special supervisory channel or port.

Orderwire networks can be formed into hubs and isolated sections utilizing multi-channel OrderWire and cut-through switches. OrderWire is a true party-line system. It requires no central switching. Any specific station may be called.

  • Basic Orderwire
  • Multi-channel option
  • 64KB digital interface
  • Internet interface option
  • Off-net interface option
  • Cut-through interface option
  • E & M or Loop Start Trunk option
  • Speaker monitor
  • Battery powered, -21 VDC to –56VDC
  • Standard 19” or 23” rack mounting
  • DTMF selective signaling (3 digits)
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