From Country Roads to Broadband Super Highways Dantel Transforms Alarm Networks – One Circuit at a Time

Fresno, Calif. – July 29, 2009

Dantel, Inc., the leader in network surveillance and management systems, today announced the launch of its Analog to IP conversion solutions, now providing several innovative upgrade kits for transitioning from Analog to IP alarm networks. “Imagine the ability to instantly jump from a country road to a worldwide superhighway with access to anywhere. That is essentially what Dantel provides with its integrated IP solutions,” said Frank Martinez, Vice President Sales Western Region. “Dantel recognizes the challenges of updating alarm networks when faced with tight capital, limited personnel, and high maintenance costs, so we have expanded our analog to IP solutions to specifically leverage companies’ investments in existing alarm systems and seamlessly transition from legacy analog networks to newer more reliable TCP/IP networks.”

In the early years of alarm monitoring many alarm networks were built on older types of analog technologies. These networks require a much higher maintenance cycle and are sensitive to noise as well as other external factors. Today many of these analog networks are still in use. Over the years the ability to support these networks has been greatly diminished because of a decreasing number of subject matter experts. Dantel IP solutions provide a smooth transition from legacy networks to IP based technology.

One of Dantel’s most innovative IP solutions is the Analog to IP conversion kit which utilizes its WebMon Matrix and integrated IP interface. This IP solution transports E2A protocol alarm data in these analog networks over IP. It creates an IP network that allows uninterrupted communication of this alarm data. All communication is pass-through to and from the Network Operations Center (NOC) and remote sites.

“Dantel offers a host of IP based solutions reporting TL1 and SNMP alarm data, now with E2A over IP providing clients the performance and flexibility associated with TCP/IP without changing their existing alarm equipment. . “The best part of our solution is it is transparent to both the NMA and remote devices,” adds Martinez.”In addition, when using our integrated IP subassembly there is no additional rack space required.”

The high density Host WebMon Matrix connects to the remote sites and creates the IP network. Dantel IP solutions provide key turn-up and troubleshooting capabilities including a Front Panel LCD screen, LED indicators, Web Browser and command line interfaces, as well as FTP and other IP related attributes.

At remote sites the WebMon Matrix can also be positioned to interface Dantel or non-Dantel alarm systems. When a Dantel 460 system is present, Dantel offers its IP interface that directly replaces its existing analog interface. This innovative IP solution is integrated in the 460 ACS systems itself, meaning no additional rack space is required. This means no associated cost of purchasing, installing and managing an additional device.

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