460 ACS

Dantel’s 460 ACS applications create an event detection alarm network structure, providing critical visibility of your network’s health. Virtually any NE device that reports event status in SNMP, TL1, DCPF or ASCII protocol can be monitored Dantel’s 460 ACS solution over an Asynchronous or IP network.

  • Scaleable alarm inputs, 16 to 50,000
  • Scaleable control outputs, 4 to 64
  • Configurable specific 4-level, alarm-triggered relay outputs
  • Wallmount, MDF, IDF, 19″or 23″ universal EIA rack
  • Direct connect or connectorized alarm input options
  • Multiple TL1, SNMP and DCPF IP sessions
  • TCP/IP, X.25, DDS, RS-232, RS-422 or 202 Tone Modem interface
  • TL1, DCP, DCPF, TABS, TBOS and DCM protocol
  • Configuration through menu-driven Craft Port and Telnet or

    Dantel’s Tshell Editor

  • Variable weight
  • Variable dimensions
  • Input voltage range, -18 VDC to -75 VDC
  • Options and upgrade kits
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