E2A Made Easy

Addressing the increasing challenges of maintaining analog based alarm networks, Dantel’s conversion kits provide a seamless IP retrofit for continuing communications.  This innovative approach eliminates analog maintenance costs, increases overall network performance and reliability as well as improves troubleshooting techniques by utilizing a more reliable TCP/IP network infrastructure. This upgrade will provide IP benefits to both Dantel and Non-Dantel devices over traditional analog bridged networks.

Key Features and Capabilities
  • Self-healing capability
  • Integrated 10/100 BaseT TCP/IP Ethernet
  • FTP (upgrades)
  • Multi-serial support to IP conversion
  • System configuration utility
  • Scaleable port capabilities up to 24 per Matrix
  • Improve technology
  • Leverage existing equipment
  • Minimize labor costs
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Leverage existing rack space
  • No configuration or database changes
Product Documentation