Site Converter Application

The NEBS™ Level 3 Certified, PointMaster® Eagle II (PME II) Site Converter application converts existing Dantel 460 E2A Analog alarm data to TL1 protocol.  (TL1 is a standard protocol for reporting over the IP networks directly to the Network Operations Center (NOC.))

The PME II can either be installed as a standalone system or it can be installed as a Retrofit kit into an existing PM Eagle by a simple CPU card swap.

Dantel provides an E2A to TL1 Conversion Utility and an Editor for editing and remotely transferring the TL1 data to the PME II.

The PME II Site Converter creates a distributed and more fault tolerant alarm network, which also simplifies deployment and support.  This application eliminates the need for Analog Bridge circuits and associated maintenance challenges.  The PME II communicates over the IP network in either IPv4 or IPv6.  IP networks are more efficient, easier to maintain and troubleshoot than legacy analog networks. The PME II Site Converter can report to multiple NOCs over the IP network.

The PME II Site Converter application can be easily expanded for future monitoring requirements by simply adding alarm cards or additional interrogation ports as needed.  This allows the PME II to replace legacy 460 applications.

The PME II Site Converter includes all software features out of the box with no licensing required. The PME II Site Converter includes security options such as, Radius, SSH, Syslog and Local or Remote History Logging.  Installation is easy and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  Database conversion Utilities, Editors and pre-configured options are also available, further optimizing overall deployment.