ESAK SmartBlock Replacement

Directly replace existing Dantel legacy Smart Blocks (Alarm and Control Block) with PointMaster Eagles. Replacement options include the Eagle Smart Adapter Kit (ESAK) or a complete “forklift”. The ESAK (An Eagle with an adapter kit) allows you to leverage existing alarm wiring, eliminating all associated costs. With ESAK replacement, turn-up and testing takes less than an hour. “Forklift” replacement is estimated at 1 to 2 days.

PointMaster Eagle is designed to function in legacy as well as newer alarm network infrastructures. The Eagle supports serial or TCP/IP communications for reporting to an existing 460 ACS system or directly to a host system, simultaneous if desired.

Key Features and Capabilities
  • TBOS, TABS, DCM, DCPF, SNMP, TL1 protocols
  • Integrated 10/100 BaseT TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Web Browser and FTP upgrades
  • Multi serial and/or IP event reporting
  • Database and System Configuration Utility
  • NEBS and CE Mark certified
  • Improve technology
  • Leverage existing alarm wiring
  • Minimize labor costs
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Minimize administration cost
  • No configuration or database changes
Product Documentation