Green ESP for Network Monitoring

Dantel, Inc., the leader in network surveillance and management systems, today announced its Green ESP (Extra Sensory Protection) solutions, providing operational efficiency monitoring for communications networks including data centers, central offices and remote cabinets. Dantel’s Green ESP solutions ensure sustained optimal levels for reducing energy costs and environmental footprints of heating, cooling, airflow and power which can lead to annual realized savings of thousands of dollars per site.

Dantel has long provided innovative monitoring solutions for improving network reliability. The company’s Green ESP utilizes an array of sensory/telemetric inputs strategically positioned throughout a site to continuously monitor and report changes in environment. Part of an overall Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) approach, Dantel’s Green ESP solutions keep sites running efficiently at a fraction of the cost.

“Green ESP provides the ability for our clients to improve and sustain better power efficiencies,” says Frank Martinez, VP of Western Sales for Dantel. “It makes perfect sense; better efficiencies lead to lower operating costs and smaller carbon footprints.”

Green ESP monitors key areas such as power, cooling and internal/external environmental factors for maximizing efficiencies. Beyond data centers and central offices, the hardened components of Green ESP are positioned in remote cabinet environments for Outside Plant (OSP) applications where event/environmental detection and power efficiencies are critical.

Dantel’s WebMon Edge is a key component of the Green ESP solution providing discrete and analog inputs as well as integrated temperature and humidity sensors. In addition, the Edge supports a variety of external sensors such as voltage, current, humidity, temperature, fluid leak, hazardous gas, pressure and more.

“Our WebMon Edge provides both in band and out of band monitoring capabilities making it ideal for operating in expanded discrete or environmental applications,” adds Martinez. “The WebMon Edge continues to emerge as the premier remote site monitoring solution for all application regardless of location.” The Edge supports SNMP (v1, v2c and v3), TL1, DCPF and others via T1, Ethernet, fiber, wireless, or wire-line facilities. The Edge requires very little power and operates in an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 85C (-40 to 185F). The Edge supports trending for all analog inputs and can be mounted on any flat surface or relay rack.