Enhanced Security Upgrades

Read about our new Network Enhanced Security for our WebMon and PointMaster remote monitoring solutions. RADIUS and RADIUS over TLS. Follow this link to attached Product Documentaton. These products may now be purchased with or easily upgraded with Enhanced Security.  The “E S” upgrade provides a robust suite of network interface protection and a large cache of new operational features.

Key Features

  • Remote and local syslog capture
  • Static and DHCP IP addressing
  • Selectable alarm poll frequency
  • User configurable time duration on relays
  • Notification delay on Alarms
  • Configurable via CLI, Browser and SNMP
  • Backup/Restore configuration file from device
  • User configurable Heartbeat timer

Security Features

  • Syslog capture – Remote and on-board
  • Selectable secure and non-secure Browser option
  • Commercial and self signed X.509 certificate support
  • Self signed certificate creation option
  • SSH/SSL v2 encryption
  • RADIUS; RADIUS over TLS for enhanced security
  • SNMP v3 (SHA authentication, AES encryption)
  • SNMP v3 over TLS for enhanced security
  • SMTP (Email) over TLS
  • Encrypted (SSH v2) Command Line Interface (CLI)
Product Documentation