Feature Upgrades

For more information on upgrades and pricing please contact:

Inside Sales @ 800-432-6835 Option 5

PointMaster Upgrade

Add features to your PointMaster Eagle. These features are as simple as remotely programming a new license key into your Eagle.

  • PM List-1 TL1 Protocol
  • PM List-2 SNMP Protocol
  • PM List-3 TL1/SNMP Protocol
  • PM List-4 TCP/IP
  • PM List-5 Web Browser Capability
  • PM List-6 Event Log

VisionMaster Upgrade

Add new features to your VisionMaster 2.X series product.

  • SNMP monitoring
  • TL1 monitoring
  • ASCII monitoring
  • Multiple TL1 alarm reporting (Upstream)
  • Email/Text paging notification
  • WebBrowser Interface
  • Local audible/visual notification
  • Remote provisioning and monitoring
  • Database create/edit/copy/transfer function
  • Increase Network Elements quantities


  • Status Monitor/TL1 GPP database conversion to a VisionMaster database