PointMaster® Eagle II (PME II)

Dantel’s PointMaster® Eagle II (PME II) is the premier communications network management system combined with our Enhanced Security Platform and the option to include new hardware for Serial Responder and Interrogation. The PME II provides concentration, management, and reporting of Network Element (NE) events as well as environmental alarm status for a variety of industries and applications. The Eagle is designed to improve Quality of Service (QoS) by intelligently collecting and reporting mission critical information for our partners in the Telecom, Utility, Cable, Industrial, Wireless and ISP industries of all sizes.

The PointMaster® Eagle II detects events, then converts and reports this information in any one of several protocols and interfaces to existing centralized Network Operation Center (NOC). The PME II provides a Web Browser Interface for local and remote access for event viewing and configuration. The PME II operates in serial, and/or IP networks, positioning you to address your immediate and future network migration needs. The PME II reports simultaneously to several host locations.

Various PME II applications are available that utilize the legacy onsite equipment and wiring as well as minimize the labor to upgrade your sites to current platform technology. The newest of these applications is the Site Converter


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